FAQ Frequently asked questions

What is a collection?

A collection can contain items of different types, such as videos, pictures, music, links, articles etc. A collection can be either private or public — and curated/contributed to by one or more persons (upon invitation from the collection owner). Collections can be followed, and when something is added by any of the curators, anyone who follows the collection will be updated through their news feed.

How do I share an item?

The easiest way to share and/or collect an item, is to install the bookmarklet in the bookmarks bar of your favorite browser. The bookmarklet can then be used straight from your browser while you are out surfing. When clicked, sharing options will appear on top of the website you are surfing, letting you type in a title, an optional description, and choose where to put it (in which collection).

How do I install the bookmarklet?

Check out the instructions!

What kinds of content do you support?

We currently support YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Slideshare and many other embeddable content types. We also support images and straight up links.

Will there be an API?

Yes, eventually.

Where do I give you guys feedback?

Send us an email for now.